Author: Robert J. Sawyer

Published: 2002

Genre: Science fiction

About Iterations: Collection of short stories.

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  • The Hand You're Dealt
  • Peking Man
  • Iterations
  • Gator
  • The Blue Planet
  • Wiping Out
  • Uphill Climb
  • Last But Not Least
  • If I'm Here, Imagine Where They Sent My Luggage
  • Where the Heart Is
  • Lost in the Mail
  • Just Like Old Times
  • The Contest
  • Stream of Consciousness
  • Forever
  • The Abdication of Pope Mary III
  • Star Light, Star Bright
  • Above It All
  • Ours to Discover
  • You See But You Do Not Observe
  • Fallen Angel
  • The Shoulders of Giants

Reviews of Iterations

Christian Sauvé, October 2002
"The principal problem is Sawyer's quasi-mechanical approach to writing."


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