Saving Jasey


Saving Jasey

Author: Diane Tullson

Published: 2001

Genre: Young adult

About Saving Jasey: An unhappy home life pushes Gavin to spend most of his time at his best friend Trist's house. Trist's sister, Jasey, may also be part of the appeal but she hasn't been acting like herself lately.

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Review of Saving Jasey

Saving Jasey is about Gavin, Trist, and their families. Gavin has a very dysfunctional family. His dad is a drunk and hardly at home. His brother is also almost never home. Ever since his mom ran over a pig on the highway, all she has worn is a bathrobe. Trist's family gets along pretty well. Gavin spends most of his time at Trist's house. Although Gavin starts to notice something fishy about Trist's older sister, Jasey, he is strongly in denial.

"So who did Jasey go out with?"

Trist shook his head. "Didn't say."

"Did you ask?"

Trist sat down with an orange. "Why should I?"

I could have crammed it down his throat. "Aren't you curious?"

Trist's mouth bent in disgust. "Jasey's too full of herself. Last year she read in the library at lunch hour, or went for a run. This year, all of a sudden, she can't stand to break a sweat for fear of wrecking her makeup."

"I've got to go." I wished I'd never come. Then I wouldn't know that Jasey was out somewhere, who knew where, with people no one knew.

...from page 21

I thought that Saving Jasey was a very good book. I thought that it started out like some books do with a disfunctional family. Saving Jasey was sort of like that. I really liked how Gavin developed throughout the book. I would recommend this book to people who like intense at the end but pretty interesting throughout the rest of the book. Overall I'd say that Saving Jasey was a well written book.

Reviewed by KB, age 13, on 26 February 2008.

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Joan Marshall, CM Magazine, 4 January 2002.
“Saving Jasey shines an unflinching light on contemporary family life, showing how difficult it can be to overcome chronic illness and child abuse.”


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