Storm Glass


Author: Jane Urquhart

Published: 1987

About Storm Glass: Short stories.

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  1. The Death of Robert Browning
  2. John's Cottage
  3. Five Wheelchairs
    1. Shoes
    2. Dreams
    3. Charity
    4. Gift
    5. The Drawing Master
  4. Seven Confessions
    1. Merry-Go-Round with Approaching Storm
    2. Bossu
    3. Her Golden Curls
    4. The Boat
    5. Artificial Ice
    6. Venetian Glass
    7. Hotel Verbano
  5. Forbidden Dances
  6. Italian Postcards
  7. Storm Glass

Reviews of Storm Glass

Taryn, I Read Too Much, 15 October 2007
"I found it a bit annoying and amateurish compared to her later works and didn't enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed her novels."
B. Morrison, 28 February 2011
"The specificity of imagery and the attention to word choice in this and the other stories add to their power and demonstrate the poet's skill."


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