Henderson's Spear


Author: Ronald Wright

Published: 2001

About Henderson's Spear: A filmmaker remembers her ancestors while in jail in Tahiti for murder.

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Reviews of Henderson's Spear

Lorna Jackson, Quill & Quire, July 2001
"With so much history to deplore, so many characters and landscapes to visit, Wright's compelling interests might be better served by vaster journeys."
Rachel Gordon, CultureCartel.com, 16 March 2002
"If only Wright had trusted his readers to place themselves in the situations described ... his epic would have been as strong and empathetic as it sought to be."
Cindy Lynn Speer, MostlyFiction Book Reviews, 16 March 2003
"The book is beautifully done, the twining of the searches with the scenery draws the reader along easily"
Sherry, Semicolon, 29 April 2007
"I didn't feel as if the plot strands in this book came together well."


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