A Short History of Progress


Author: Ronald Wright

Published: 2004

About A Short History of Progress: Based on Wright's Massey Lectures.

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Reviews of A Short History of Progress

Bronwyn Drainie, Quill & Quire, January 2005
"What makes Wright's book richer than most pleas for ecological sanity is his ability to strap on seven-league boots and take his readers on a sweeping educational tour of history and every continentís previous civilizations."
Devika Mistry, September 2005
"Wright guides his readers through the history of the world since the Ages to present, in a manner that is not only elegantly crafted and conjured but also thorough and expansive in its content."
Ben Bull, Raise the Hammer, 28 November 2005
"It is a remarkable book."
Richard, Book Addiction, 4 October 2008
"straightforward and highly readable prose style"
Michal, One Last Sketch, 9 April 2011
"If you have some interest in historical philosophy, I can see no better way of wiling away a few hours. Highly recommended."


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