Patient Frame


Author: Steven Heighton

Published: 2010

About Patient Frame: Poetry collection.

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Reviews of Patient Frame

Zachariah Wells, Quill & Quire, April 2010
"this book has tremendous range, covering subjects both personal and political, and employing forms as diverse as elegy, ballad, haiku, sonnet, and dramatic monologue."
Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This, 9 May 2010
"the various nature of Heighton's book is fascinating to consider, a poetic lumber room packed with corners to explore."
Judith Fitzgerald, Globe and Mail, 7 July 2010
"lovingly created and exquisitely communicated entries"
Brian Palmu, 13 December 2010
"Heighton's best poems ... are among the best by anyone in this country, past or present."
David Barker, nouspique, 30 March 2011
"Heighton's great virtue is that he refrains from drawing conclusions. That is the patient frame."


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