The Stone Angel


The Stone Angel

Author: Margaret Laurence

Published: 1964

Genre: Fiction

Series: Manawaka

About The Stone Angel: Hagar Shipley's life has been long and interesting but she is certainly not ready for a nursing home, no matter what her family thinks.

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Reviews of The Stone Angel

‘Strength Without Beauty.’ Linda L. Richards, January Magazine, November 1998.
“Since the book is required reading in many North American school systems and colleges, a lot of young people are disturbed by The Stone Angel every year. And quite often they don't know why.”
Kate Sutherland, Kate's Book Blog, 3 March 2008
“The novel has retained all of its power for me, and this time around I had the added pleasure of being better equipped to understand the source of that power.”
Milly, What About That Book, 26 May 2010
“A good read, but not one to take lightly.”


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