Password: Murder


Author: Norah McClintock

Published: 1999

Genre: Young adult, crime

About Password: Murder: Harley was driving the car when his father was killed in a crash but now he's thinking that maybe it wasn't all his fault.

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Reviews of Password: Murder

Patty Lawlor, Quill & Quire, November 1999
“Author Norah McClintock [...] provides a good read but, for a mystery, the story is light on plotting and physical action.”
Ruth Scales McMahon, CM Magazine, 21 January 2000
“However, the action is fast paced, and there are some interesting twists along the way.”
Sheryl McFarlane, 5 September 2006
“...I love the way [McClintock] breaks rules.”
Katherine Matthe, Books in Canada
“The pace rarely flags, the writing is tight and brisk, and the Shakespearean influences are successfully blended into a classic mystery framework that fans of the genre will enjoy.”


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