The Trade Mission


Author: Andrew Pyper

Published: 2002

Genre: Thriller

About The Trade Mission: A trade mission to Brazil turns into a fight for survival. Also published as Dark Descent.

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Review of The Trade Mission

An up and coming Canadian dot-com company is on a trade mission to Brazil and while there they go on an adventure trip up the Rio Negro.

The truth is, I'm a little excited. Yes, it's only a sightsee scheduled to return to this very place in five days, and we will never be far from a boatload of Canadian bureaucrats. But it's still the Amazon, isn't it? There are snakes here than can stop your heart with a single bite or swallow children whole. Vicious schools of piranha. And still malaria, yellow fever and other airborne concerns. Not to mention a million ways of getting lost. Anything can still happen in places like this, and we are going directly into it.

...from pages 64-65

This book actually elevated my heart rate while reading it. Well done! Not only is this an excellent thriller with moments that would make the toughest person wince, it also made me think hard about the choices made and how I might react in similar situations. This is the first Andrew Pyper novel for me and I will most certainly be reading another.

Reviewed by PB on 19 February 2009.

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More Reviews

Juliet Waters, Montreal Mirror, 2002
“Most critically, The Trade Mission has no moral centre, just a preachy moral lesson.”
Inge's BookRaves
“It certainly is a wild and woolly tale.”


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