Alexandria of Africa


Author: Eric Walters

Published: 2008

Genre: Young adult

About Alexandria of Africa: A rich girl is sent to Kenya to work for a charity after being arrested for shoplifting.

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Reviews of Alexandria of Africa

Carol L. MacKay, Quill & Quire, September 2008
“Walters deals with the inequities and disparity in children's lives across the globe in this well-written and funny adventure tale.”
Shannon, I'll Have My Cake and Eat Yours Too, 16 October 2008
“One of the things I liked about this story was that Alexandria doesn't completely change, she doesn't become an entirely different person.”
OSNGUPL, In the Tower, 22 November 2008
“A bit didactic , and the moral is obvious, but it's still a great read and i had trouble putting it down.”
Anna Swanson, CM Magazine, 19 December 2008
“Regardless, the subject is compelling and important, and hopefully this novel will serve as a springboard to inspire readers to find out even more about the issues it raises.”
Callie, Handle Like Hendrix, 14 April 2009
“It had an interesting premise and it was neat seeing a girl I could relate to...”


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