Author: Eric Walters

Published: 2002

Genre: Young adult

About Ricky: When vandals wreck the science classroom and kill most of the animals, including a pet boa constrictor, Ricky and his best friend decide to raise the money needed to buy a new snake.

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Reviews of Ricky

Jessica Kelley, Quill & Quire, August 2002
“The story unfolds at a believable pace, the dialogue is authentic, and the supporting characters are sufficiently developed.”
Mary Thomas, CM Magazine, 18 October 2002
“This is a book that one can recommend and be fairly sure that almost any kid will enjoy reading it, no matter how he or she feels on the subject of snakes.”
Gillian Noonan, CM Magazine, 3 September 2004
“In a very real way, it helps affirm one's belief in the basic goodness of mankind, especially in the face of despicable acts.”


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