Bedtime Story


Author: Robert J. Wiersema

Published: 2010

About Bedtime Story: A mysterious fantasy novel is the only way Christopher can reach his son.

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Reviews of Bedtime Story

Philip Marchand, National Post, 12 November 2010
"The back and forth between the two plots also quickens the narrative pace, especially as Wiersema is proficient at cutting away from a scene at the point of maximum suspense."
Cynthia Macdonald, Globe and Mail, 19 November 2010
"It's a poetic meditation on the question sparked by some forms of actual brain injury – namely, where has the victim gone?"
John Lekich,, 23 November 2010
"But while I found the resolution a bit over-the-top, Wiersema still won me over. Whatever direction he takes, he makes us care."
Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This, 25 November 2010
"It was truly a pleasure to get lost in this one for a while."
August C. Bourré, Quill & Quire, November 2010
"Wiersema's straightforward and accessible prose lacks stylistic flourishes, but his characters ... are nonetheless nuanced and fully formed."
Monique, So Misguided, 26 December 2010
"The storylines run together in the most fascinating way"


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