Canadian Literary Awards


Winners of Canadian literary awards for 1970.

indicates a review is available for that book

Governor General's Literary Awards

Dave Godfrey – The New Ancestors
bpNichol – Still Water
bpNichol – The True Eventual Story of Billy The Kid
bpNichol – Beach Head
bpNichol – The cosmic chef: an evening of concrete
Michael Ondaatje – The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

Études et essais
Fernand Ouellette – Les actes retrouvés (refused)
Romans et nouvelles
Monique Bosco – La femme de Loth

Leacock Medal for Humour

Leacock Medal for Humour
Farley Mowat – The Boat Who Wouldn't Float

Lorne Pierce Medal

Lorne Pierce Medal
Roy Daniells

Writers Trust Awards

Vicky Metcalf Award for Children's Literature
Farley Mowat


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