Review Roundup #33

Red Dog, Red Dog by Patrick Lane
“...a novel for serious readers.” KevinfromCanada, 3 July 2009
Yellowknife by Steve Zipp
“It's a shame that it hasn't yet found a wider audience, or availability.” Tanabata, In Spring It is the Dawn, 11 July 2009
A Wish After Midnight by Zetta Elliott
“I loved this story because it wasn't just a story. It is a voice with a message.” Claire, Kiss a Cloud, 30 June 2009
February by Lisa Moore
“...a real gem.” Metro Mama, 2 July 2009
The Winter Vault by Anne Michaels
“It's a slow read, a book that forces you to pay attention to its details, to its every word.” Deanna McFadden, My Tragic Right Hip, 7 July 2009
Posted by Lynn on August 22, 2009 | Comment


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