How to Be a Canadian


How to be a Canadian

Authors: Will Ferguson, Ian Ferguson

Published: 2001

Genre: Humour

About How to be a Canadian: Advice for new (and old) Canadians.

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Perhaps the best way to describe this book is to give some sample chapter titles:

  • Canada: A Rich Tapestry (Who to Hate and Why)
  • Learning the Language: How to Talk Like a Canadian
  • Canadian Cuisine (and How to Avoid It)
  • Art and Stuff

and my personal favourite (which actually horrified me a bit):

  • Twelve Ways to Say “I'm Sorry”

There's even a handy quiz at the end titled “You May Already Be a Canadian!” And guess what? I am!

A few things missed the mark but the majority of the book was very funny. It made me giggle often and even laugh out loud at times. The Ferguson brothers managed to insult and/or make fun of every province, every group of people, and every aspect of our culture from hockey and curling to beer and screech to movies and books. There's a checklist for aspiring authors, summaries at the end of every chapter, and, of course, advice on the proper usage of "eh?". Even the footnotes are entertaining.

A fun book that belongs on every Canadian's bookshelf.

Reviewed by Lynn Bornath.

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“...the Ferguson brothers had me chuckling throughout.”


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