Lost in the Barrens


Lost in the Barrens

Author: Farley Mowat

Published: 1956

Genre: Children's, adventure

About Lost in the Barrens: Two boys set out on a canoe trip in the Canadian Arctic.

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Review of Lost in the Barrens

Lost in the Barrens is about two boys named Awasin and Jamie. Jamie comes to this Cree camp to live with his uncle. His uncle has been sending money to keep Jamie in school ever since he was orphaned. Jamie and Awasin set out on a canoe trip that will change their lives forever.

Awasin smiled up at her. "I'm sure it's no trick, Mother," he said, "but if it is—I know a way to find out. I could go back with the Chips to Kasmere Lake and see how bad things are. I'd carry the ammunition in my own canoe, and if Denikazi really needs it, then I can hand it over."

Jamie jumped to his feet. "You mean we'll go!" he shouted. "You don't leave me behind!"

Marie laughed. "I think my son thought of this plan just to get out of work," she said. "But it is a good plan for it will settle Solomon's doubts. Also it will get you two out from under my feet for a few days. Denikazi will let no harm come to a son of Alphonse Meewasin."

"Then we can go?" Awasin cried.

His mother nodded her head.

Fairly stuttering with excitement, the two boys raced out of the cabin to spread the news. Marie watched them from the doorway, with a broad smile.

...from page 15

I thought that Lost in the Barrens was a good book that had a lot of survival tips that can be very useful. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure stories. Overall, I thought that Lost in the Barrens was a very well-written book. Please note that Two Against the North is an alternate title for the same book.

Reviewed by KB, age 13, in December 2007.

Find this book at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, AbeBooks.com

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“A really good book and still worthy of devotion.”


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