Review Roundup #37

Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison by Cathleen With
“Faint of heart readers should be fairwarned that it is an emotional juggernaut with descriptions of abuse of just about every kind and the ramifications.” John Mutford, The Book Mine Set, 29 July 2009
Thought You Were Dead by Terry Griggs
“Griggs' novel has been called both a detective story and a satire of a detective story, though strictly speaking, I don't think it's either.” August C. Bourré, 29 July 2009
The Dog and I by Roy MacGregor
“...a great little book.” Jacki, Gabe 'n' Arch, 31 July 2009
A Good House by Bonnie Burnard
“...over all a wonderfully written book, full of emotion and powerful characters.” Jules' Book Reviews, 1 August 2009
White Rapids by Pascal Blanchet
“I really enjoyed this book and think would be a perfect introduction to the graphic novel genre.” Gavin, Page247, 24 July 2009
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