The Moons of Jupiter


The Moons of Jupiter

Author: Alice Munro

Published: 1982

Genre: Short stories

About The Moons of Jupiter: Eleven short stories.

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  1. Chaddeleys and Flemings
    1. Connection
    2. The Stone in the Field
  2. Dulse
  3. The Turkey Season
  4. Accident
  5. Bardon Bus
  6. Prue
  7. Labor Day Dinner
  8. Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Kidd
  9. Hard-Luck Stories
  10. Visitors
  11. The Moons of Jupiter



Lee Lady, April 1995.
“...there is little romance in the love Munro's women find...”
Jules, Jules' Book Reviews, 26 October 2008
“It's a perfect read to enjoy on a cold, damp day with some hot chocolate.”


‘Narrative Strategies of Liberation in Alice Munro.’ Katherine J. Mayberry
“The characters in Munro's fiction need truth, and Munro's understanding of narrative offers them at least the possibility of a provisional one.”


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