Twitter Links: March 9 to March 15, 2014

My Life Among the Apes by Cary Fagan
"a good bet for an entertaining read, with lots of pleasurable oddity to it" – Melwyk, Indextrious Reader
The Confederation novels by Tanya Huff
"beautifully character-focused science fiction" – Meghan, Medieval Bookworm
Between Heaven and Earth by Eric Walters
"a great read and part of a very interesting series" – Shonna, Canadian Bookworm
It's Hard Being Queen by Jeanette Lynes
"unapologetically linear but nonetheless engaging" – Mark, Free Range Reading
Weird Sister by Kate Pullinger
"Very thought provoking, subtle read" – Lydia, Literary Lollipop
Traitor's Blade by Sebastien de Castell
"one heck of a rollicking romp of a read" – Luanne, A Bookworm's World
Oddrey and the New Kid by Dave Whamond
"will have children smiling, laughing and wondering" – Helen, Canlit for Little Canadians
Three Souls by Janie Chang
"a beautifully-told, evocative story" – Drey, Drey's Library

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