The Love of a Good Woman


The Love of a Good Woman

Author: Alice Munro

Published: 1998

Genre: Short stories

About The Love of a Good Woman: Collection of eight short stories.

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  1. The Love of a Good Woman
  2. Jakarta
  3. Cortes Island
  4. Save the Reaper
  5. The Children Stay
  6. Rich as Stink
  7. Before the Change
  8. My Mother's Dream



‘Inside and outside the family.’ Sandy English, World Socialist Web Site, 9 April 2002
“But if they want insight into the dissatisfaction that has been breeding for many years now in the most intimate realms of love and motherhood, then this book is an important guide.”
C.J. Inge, Renaissance Online Magazine, June 1999
“ absorbing examination of the unexpected turns that ordinary lives can take.”
August C. Bourré, 13 January 2008
“...this book was a complete joy to read.”


Reading Group Guide
Discussion questions, excerpt, and interview with Munro.


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