Canadian Literary Awards


Winners of Canadian literary awards for 2001.

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Arthur Ellis Awards

First Novel
Mark ZuehlkeHands Like Clouds
Norman Spehner – Le roman policier en Amerique francaise
Tim Wynne-JonesThe Boy in the Burning House
A.B. McKillop – The Spinster and the Prophet
Peter Robinson – Cold is the Grave

BC Book Prizes

Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize
Don McKay – Another Gravity
Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize
Eden Robinson – Monkey Beach
Hubert Evans Non-fiction Prize
Terry Glavin – The Last Great Sea
Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize
Dan Francis – The Encyclopedia of British Columbia
Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize
James Heneghan – The Grave

Books in Canada First Novel Award

Books in Canada First Novel Award
Michael Redhill – Martin Sloane

Danuta Gleed Literary Award

Danuta Gleed Literary Award
Barbara Lambert – Message for Mr. Lazarus

Giller Prize

Giller Prize
Richard B. Wright – Clara Callan

Governor General's Literary Awards

Children's Literature
Arthur Slade – Dust
Richard B. Wright – Clara Callan
Thomas Homer-Dixon – The Ingenuity Gap
George Elliott Clarke – Execution Poems

Études et essais
Renée Dupuis – Quel Canada pour les Autochtones? La fin de l'exclusion
Littérature Jeunesse
Christiane Duchesne – Jomusch et le troll des cuisines
Paul Chanel Malenfant – Des ombres portées
Romans et nouvelles
Andrée A. Michaud – Le ravissement

Griffin Poetry Prize

Griffin Poetry Prize
Anne Carson – Men in the Off Hours

Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award

Kathy Kacer – The Secret of Gabi's Dresser
Andy Turnbull with Debora Pearson – By Truck to the North: My Arctic Adventure

Leacock Medal for Humour

Leacock Medal for Humour
Stuart McLean – Vinyl Cafe Unplugged

Ontario Library Association

Red Maple Award
Eric Walters – Rebound
Silver Birch Award
Bill Richardson – After Hamelin
Linda Bailey – Adventure in the Middle Ages

ReLit Awards

Bonnie Bowman – Skin
S.D. Johnson – Hymns to Phenomena
Short Fiction
Mark Anthony Jarman – 19 Knives

Saskatchewan Book Awards

Book of the Year
Sandra Birdsell – The Russländer
Arthur Slade – Dust
Sandra Birdsell – The Russländer
First Book
Katherine Lawrence – Ring Finger, Left Hand
Warren Goulding – Just Another Indian
Ken Howe – Household Hints for the End of Time
Reader's Choice
Deanna Christensen – Ahtahkakoop
Regina Book Award
Sandra Birdsell – The Russländer
Saskatoon Book Award
Glen Sorestad – Leaving Holds Me Here

Winterset Award

Winterset Award
Michael Crummey – River Thieves

Writers Trust Awards

Marian Engel Award
Elizabeth Hay
Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
Margaret Sweatman – When Alice Lay Down With Peter
Vicky Metcalf Award for Children's Literature
Linda Granfield
Writers' Trust Non-Fiction Prize
Clark Blaise – Time Lord


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